Sunday, November 15, 2020

What defines you?


When people hear your name, what's the first thing they think of? We're often defined by our occupations, the amount of money we have, our race, or our place in society; but the one thing that matters more than any of these things is our character. Do words like: "kind, peacemaker, generous, thoughtful, gracious, teachable, humble, compassionate, and trustworthy" spring to mind when people think of you? Paul tells us in I Corinthians 13 that it doesn't matter what heights we reach, without love it's all worthless!

Every day we're planting seed into the lives of our family, friends, coworkers, followers on social media, and even strangers at the grocery store.

What kind of seeds are you sowing? 

  • Seeds of kindness
  • Seeds of peace
  • Seeds of love
  • Seeds of mercy
  • Seeds of division
  • Seeds of hate speech
  • Seeds of selfishness

As Christians our job is to sow the seeds of God's love into a messed up world. How sad it is when our attitudes, actions, and words hurt and wound others; we end up alienating people from the Gospel we claim to believe. Remember: The kinds of seeds you sow determines the harvest you will eventually reap, so be careful who and what you allow to dominate and influence your life!

Sow Mercy (listen here)

I can see her now, her weathered skin
Old straw hat and crooked grin
And she said child, let's make this garden grow.
Let's till the soil, and pull some weeds
And here's your bag of precious seeds
'Cause grandma's got a secret you should know
You always reap exactly what you sow
We knelt right there and she took my hand
That patch of dirt was Holy land
And she said child I learned this long ago
Oh, you can bless or curse
You can live or die
You choose the crop you want in life
That's the greatest secret Grandma knows
You always reap exactly what you sow
'Cause one day God forbid, you act a fool
And fall down hard and fast, 'cause life is cruel
If you ever reached to help a friend
A hand you held might lift you up again
What goes around comes back around you know
You always reap exactly what you sow
Sow mercy
Sow grace
Sow kindness
Sow faith
Words are like water, sprinkled with love
You will harvest all your heart's been dreaming of
Sow mercy

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Conniecrafter said...

beautiful post, can you imagine a world where we didn't always think of ourselves and we were compassionate with one another, always trying to lift one another up, pray for guidance and wisdom in all I do and say!