Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Houses

These two little cards took me 1/2 an afternoon to create!  Not because they were hard to do -- just because my "creative juices" weren't flowing!
  • Old Dictionary page
  • Ticket (for door)
  • Misc. Paper scraps (Leaves and roof)
  • Misc. Ribbon
  • Stapler (used to attach the ribbon)
  • Comb Binding Machine (to do that notebook edge on there -- see this post!)
  • Embossing Folders (Sizzix)
    • Diamonds
    • Scallops
  • Leaf Punch
  • Spritzer and Brown Bic Marker


Anonymous said...

Cute little cottages! I love using written words as part of collages - dictionary pages are perfect! Oh! The power of quality words!!

Mrs. Smith said...

Those are completely adorable!!!

Christa said...

I love them! For some reason, they remind of me house quilt blocks, which I dearly love. :)

Mynn xx said...

They may have taken a long while, but these are fabulous! LOVE the use of dictionary pages!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love anything with little houses ♥ CuTe ideas!

Pamela said...

Adorable. Sure doesn't look like you struggled. Love the dictionary pages.