Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knifty Knitter

My daughter received a Knifty Knitter (or rather the Knit Quick - just like the Knifty Knitter) for her birthday.  She has been busy, busy, busy knitting up hats for her baby dolls.  She just turned 9 years old, and is able to complete the whole hat on her own -- the only thing I do is make her little "pom poms" for the top. She's actually finished  3 of them -- two for her baby dolls and one for Felicity - her American Girl doll.
She's started on one for herself -- using two different colors -- it's turning out really neat.  Love how "delicate" the thinner (but still very soft) yarn looks and especially like the two different colors take on it.  I'll be sure to post it when she gets it done.


Alexis said...

That is so cute! I remember I had something similar when I was about nine and I loved it! What a great way to get creativity focused in such a young girl.

Pamela said...

How adorable! What a sweet gift that would be for her friends' dolls.

Christa said...

I'm so glad she's enjoying it so much! It's pretty addicting. Have you tried it yet? :)

I'd love to know what yarn she used on the hat in the picture. Is it some of that "pomp-a-doodle" yarn? I always wondered how it would work on the Knifty Knitters (and how it would look finished, too). She did a great job!