Friday, March 16, 2012

Clutch Tutorial

I'm finally getting around to making a tutorial for the clutches I've been sewing. The actual pattern comes from this blog, but as you can see it's in a different language.  So here's my attempt to write a tutorial for a pattern I love using!
I'm including a link to a well written article called "Sewing for Beginners" that has all kinds of helpful tips for those starting out and even the seasoned pro!

Step 1: 
Print two copies of the pattern in the desired size.
Step 2:
Cut 1 full pattern and just the bottom 1/2 of the other one
Note: I actually have 3 different sizes of the same pattern.  You could make nesting bags with them or just use different sizes for different purposes/people.

Step 3:
Cut 1 each of each pattern piece
  1. Outside fabric
  2. Batting
  3. Lining fabric
Step 4:
 Sew batting to lining fabric on both pieces.
(You can do this anyway you choose -- meandering stitch, criss cross lines, or just a simple 1/8 seem around the edge.)
Step 5:
Using the pattern laid over the material, mark where the tucks will be.
Step 6:
Fold these marks in 1/2 and sew along your marking.
Step 7:
Snip close to the seam you just sewed to keep the purse from having "bumps" in it where the tucks are.
Step 8:
With right sides together, sew the front outside fabric to the front lining fabric ---only along the top!
(Note: I actually did this step before I did the tucks --oops -- that's why you can't see them in the next two pictures!)
Step 9:
If your putting a magnet snap in your purse (which I highly recommend), you'll want to put the one on the front panel in now.
BTW -- Here's where I buy my magnet snaps from --- I think it's a pretty good deal, especially the free shipping part!
Step 10:
Now it's time to sew the purse together.
Pin (right sides together) the two outside fabric pieces (make sure to line up the tucks).
Step 11:
Now pin (right sides together) the two lining pieces (once again lining up tucks).
Step 12:
Now turn the purse over and you will have the two "flap" pieces sticking up.  Pin these together
Sew up the lining pieces and the outside fabric pieces that you have pinned together.
Starting and stopping at the seam lines ----- BE CAREFUL not to sew over the flap pieces that are underneath!!!
 Step 14:
Now it's time to sew up the flap piece.
DO NOT sew all the way around --- leave an opening at the top of the flap for turning.
Turn your purse right side out.
This is what your purse will look like once you've turned it
Step 15:
Tuck the lining fabric down inside the purse.
NOW is the time to put the top part of your snap in -- BEFORE you sew up the opening!
 Step 17:
Pin the opening at the top of your purse shut.
 Step 18:
Top stitch all the way around the top flap.
 Step 19:
Add an embellishment of your choice to the outside of your clutch (or leave it plain if you like!).
If you have any questions feel free to email me....I'll do my best to answer your questions.


Alexis said...

What a perfect tutorial. I've been wanting to make a clutch for myself, so I'll be keeping this project bookmarked and bring it up once my sewing machine arrives. Thank you for sharing!

Heather said...

Great Tutorial!!
The clutches you have been making are fabulous! I would not be as quick as you..LOL..sewing doesn't seem to like me..LOL. I might have to give this a try!
Thanks for sharing all the links too1

Karen Letchworth said...

What a great tutorial - you are SO talented. I would never think of anything like that. Thanks for sharing that project. I appreciate your sweet comments on my blog, too, and hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Christa said...

Thanks for writing this up! One of these days when my hands hurt too much to knit, I'll have to get out my sewing machine and whip up a bunch of these. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! I'd seen the pattern so was very excited to find an English tutorial! My clutch turned out beautifully. Thanks