Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A tote purse

I made this purse for one of my husband's co-workers, but when I finished it he didn't think it was big enough for her.  (Apparently she carries "everything but the kitchen sink" with her.)  I like how the bag turned out -- using a fabric pack from Wal-mart already cut in 5" squares. 
I used a coordinating material for the lining and made pockets all the way around the inside using more of the 5" squares.
You can see that I attached the snaps differently too.....I actually forgot to put them in, so I put them on yellow squares and sewed them in that way.  I really like the "color pop" it adds to the inside of the purse.
Oh, and I used white bias tape on the top of the inside pocket and on the little pocket on the outside.
(Thanks Abby, for that big bag of bias tape you sent me -- it's coming in handy!)

I'm not terribly disappointing that it isn't big enough for our friend -- I'll just keep it an have it on hand for a last minute gift choice later on this year.  (OR I may end up using it myself!)


LauraJane:) said...

The inside pockets are very clever.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

You're amazing and so is this bag you made. What a great idea to add the snaps the way you did, I never would have come up with that one. Glad the bias tape is coming in handy. It's been a goal of mine to have bags made up and on hand but that doesn't seem to happen. Have a wonderful day. ~ Abby

Christa said...

I recognize that fabric pack as one of my favorites. :) It made a very cute purse!

That's a terrific idea for the snaps, too. I'll have to remember that one.

Helen said...

I wish I can sew like you. Love your bag!