Monday, October 29, 2012

Housewarming Gift

My nephew and his wife moved down to our area last Friday night!
 (YEA I finally have some family living close by!!)
On the day they arrived we went over to help unload the u-haul and I took them a little "Housewarming Gift."
Included in the gift were:
  • a candle
  • two fall tea towels
  • a Taste of Home magazine 
  • some snacks 
    • to munch on while unpacking and setting up
  • some Cascade dishwasher liquid 
    • we opened this and used it right away -- to wash up all the dishes packed in newspaper!
  • a jug of COLD Sweet Tea in a brand that I happen to know they really liked 
    • They were grateful for this after unloading what they needed for the night -- something icy cold to drink was very refreshing!
  • paper cups 
    • these came in handy for the Sweet Tea since the dishes were either still in boxes or in the dishwasher
Here's the tag I made up using the "Around the Block" stamp set from Close To My Heart.
 The flower on the top is one from last Thursday's post --- it really dressed up the top of the bag!
I'm SO HAPPY to have some family living nearby!!

More Housewarming Gift Ideas
 from Martha Stewart

I really like this one -- but since my husband and daughter helped clean the house last week it wasn't the most practical one to give!
 Kitchen "Cake"

 Cute Basket

 Housewarming "Bouquet" 
 Another version of this bouquet
 New Neighbors gift w/free printable! 

 Another free printable
Glass Etching - Personalized Dish

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Christa said...

You are so good at gifts like this! I think it's because you're so thoughtful. :)

Thanks for the links to the other ideas. I'll be checking them out, too.

Pam said...

What a nice housewarming gift! I know your Nephew and his wife really appreciated it!

Jennifer said...

This is such an incredible and sweet gift! So glad you have some family closer! I just visited family this last month, and it's hard when they're all a minimum of two days drive away!
Love all the fantastic ideas!

Helen said...

I agree, you are very good at gift giving idea and packaging.

Nicole said...

You have inspired me to surprise my new neighbors..thanks for the printables...Love and Blessings from your new follower, Nicole @ Seven Flowers

Unknown said...

What an amazing housewarming gift! Thanks for sharing. Actually, Im looking for some nice, frugal yet practical housewarming gift ideas that I'll give to my friends. Thanks for giving ideas. Cheers!